Pushball v.s. Horseball

Both equine team games will be played with a ball.

The main difference is:
A large Pushball will be kicked by the horse itself. And a Horseball is an small ball with leather handles, which will be catched by the rider. And a high basket, like basket ball, as an goal.

This year there will be a Premium in the Netherlands: Hélène de Fremery arranged that both equine games will give a show togehter on one day. On an international Driving Contest! It will be the World Championships Four-In-Hand on the Estate Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt of Family Van Verschuer in Beesd (NL): on Sunday 7th of September 2008. Watch http://www.wkvierspannen.nl/ (also English version).
Horseball picture is made by http://www.luifoto.nl/: Riding School Nieuw Eldorado (Soest,NL) against Horseball Team Brembos (Roosendaal, NL). Watch http://www.horseball.nl/ and http://www.horseball.com/
Pushball picture shows debutants on the '20th Frisian Horses Day' in Hoofddorp (NL): first experience with the huge leather ball from Pushball Club Rotterdam.