Happy 1903.... I mean 2009!

The following old message was written in the New York Times on 31th of December in 1902, and is again actual.
Nowadays everywhere around the world people are playing pushball with their horses, like they did in New York on the Christmas Ride in Durland Riding Academy.
Each country has his own variation of this ancient sport. The amount of discovered equine pushball related countries are growing: Czech, Germany, Holland/Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, USA.

The link is showing the original article of the NYT, click there for it on "View full article":

My own version is "pushball behind horseback": walking with double longe behind my Norwegian Fjordhorse. ;-))
I wish you all the best and let the international pushball network grow!


CADANS said...


I'm looking to buy a ball to play "Pushball on a horseback", but it is not easy to find.
Can you tell me where you found yours ?

Kind regards

Franky Claeys

Lenus88 said...
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